Recent projects

Research on electronic payments and advisory to central bank on how to increase uptake of non-cash payment methods (cards, mobile)

Client: Central Bank of Rwanda            Location: Kigali

Field research project in Rwanda to conduct expert interviews with key industry participants and merchants and run workshop in Kigali to present enabling strategy


Electronic voucher system to support improved access to finance and input credit for 2 million farmers in Ethiopia

Client: Agricultural Transformation Agency/ Rural Financial Services            Location: Addis Ababa

Design and procure electronic voucher system to improve access to input credit for agricultural sector, and new mobile system to enable microfinance institutions to provide credit and savings products to farmers


Making Best Use of Mobile Technology to Support the Work In Freedom Programme to Prevent Trafficking of Women and Girls in South Asia

Client: ILO(UN)/ DFID            Location: India/ Jordan/ Lebanon/ Nepal/ Bangladesh

Specifying a suite of mobile interventions to enhance the outcomes of labour migration among women and girls from South Asia travelling for work in the Middle East. Field research in-country to uncover the role that mobile phones play in improving the outcomes of foreign workers migrating for employment as domestics or in garment factories


Launch of Telco-led mobile financial services products throughout Indonesia

Client: One of the 3 mobile operators            Location: Jakarta

Re-launching mobile money platform following granting of pilot licence from regulator. Negotiating bank partnership, designing organisation, re-working products, assessing risk & fraud, developing the distribution ecosystem, and specifying new services such as micro-credit, online payments, and creating a cards issuance ecosystem/ mPoS


Establishing Lowest Cost Non-Branch Account Services Through Micro-ATM/ Card Issuance

Client: Khushhali Bank            Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Designed branchless strategy for 500k customer retail bank in Pakistan, innovating around consumer access and agent channel


Review Of Handheld Equipment Used By Banking Correspondent Sub-Agents

Client: Banking correspondent            Location: Hyderabad, India

Developed new customer experience and technology front end & middleware deployment strategy for agent channel in Indian banking correspondent aggregator


Risk And Fraud Strategy Design for Nigerian mobile remittance service

Client: Confidential (VC-backed start-up)            Location: UK

Devised fraud and risk strategy for international online/ mobile remittance service to West Africa


Scope and Implementation of mobile-assisted microfinance repayments

Client: Confidential (Governmental)            Location: London

Scope and design of research project, pilot and implementation of mobile microfinance repayment service in Burma


Mobile Operator-Based Microfinance Provision in Eastern Europe

Client: Confidential            Location: Bulgaria

Advised European micro-lending service, partnered and distributed through a domestic mobile operator, on go-to-market planning


Mobile Application-led Branchless Banking in Pakistan

Client: Large private bank/ Nokia            Location: London/ Helsinki/ Karachi/ Lahore

1M+ phone co-launch agreement with large private bank in Pakistan (subsequently aborted)


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